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The Cookies are small files that are installed in the hard drive, with a limited duration of time, with which G. Breuer automatically obtains and stores certain information about the visitor’s activity within its website. Such information may include the incoming URL (whether or not it belongs to G. Breuer’s website), which web browser is being used, and its geographical location, among other data.


The Cookies in G. Breuer’s website are used with the only purpose of carrying out internal studies regarding the behavior and demography of those who visit our website, in order to better understand their needs and interests and to offer better content.


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This process is different depending on the web browser and it is necessary to do it in every web browser used. Hereunder we provide you with the different processes to revise the settings in the most used web browsers:


– Microsoft Windows Explorer:


– Google Chrome:


– Mozilla Firefox:


– Apple Safari: